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Landing page is a page which is specially use to advertising or marketing your only highlighted product and services or which is use to collect information from page visitors such as contact number and email in order to advertising or marketing your new product in near future to them.

But, a badly design Landing page or the content in landing page is incomprehensible it will cause higher bounce rate for your page which then cause you to unable to achieve a very good advertising of your product and furthermore it will also leave a bad impression to the visitors which also will result in lower your company image. So here is the 10 things that Landing Page should do and don’t which will improve your landing page to another level.

1) DO: Craft a killer headline

First of all a headline is what the visitor to your landing page will see at the first moment. A boring or bland headline will cause the visitor lose interest as roughly half of the visitors will just head to elsewhere after 8 seconds. Before craft your headline, you will also need to know what is the purpose of your product or services or what are you trying to achieve with it. So in order to grab the attention of visitors, we need to have a headline which can relate to the visitors and provide a proper keyword for your headline.

2) DO: Get to the point

Try get to the point with your body. Nowadays, people are preferring to read as short as they can because most people hardly have much time to read a long paragraph which is totally unnecessary. So try to use more short sentences and put the points or information in bullet-list which will be easier to consumable by visitors. In my opinion, I would like just read the content in point form rather than go through five long paragraph essay in order find the point. As always remember one thing, you don’t always need a long paragraph or words to convince the others, just need a few right ones will be sufficient.

3) DON’T: Collecting information that wasn’t necessary

Never ever collecting information that wasn’t needed for you. When designing the form to collecting information, decide in advance which information which is truly needed for you for example email address, name, company, phone and others. If the you try to collecting too much sensitive information might scare of the potential conversions for example identity card numbers, age, address and others.

4) DO: Remember to make your landing page mobile-optimized

In this age of technology, majority of the people browse and shopping using mobile phone. When visitor surfing though a not mobile-optimized landing page visitor most likely will turned off from it. In order to make your landing page mobile-optimized, you can also offer a click to call button because the visitor is already on the phone, so they doesn’t need to go through the trouble to dial your phone.

5) DO: Create a new landing page for each new campaign

Never ever recycle old pages. You should create a new landing page for each new campaign or offer available separately. This will not only help you to track the conversion rate for the new campaign that you launch and it also help to target a more specifically relevant leads.

6) DON’T: Navigation bar and other clickable distraction

Never add any navigation bar or other clickable distraction which would redirect the visitors to other page. This would cause the visitors steer away from your objectives, whether is it make visitors respond to what your call to action you’ve placed on the landing page or to promote your product and services. Once they are gone to other page, most often the visitors wouldn’t come back.

7) DO: Make effort to get trust and credibility

Nowadays almost all of the consumers, clients and visitors value review and endorsement from the others. One of it is a testimonial or what we say a “social proof” from the others that has been using your products or services. Adding a testimonial will make your products and services have more credibility and thus increase your conversion.

8) DON’T: Forget your call to action when designing landing page

The key component of an effective landing page is a call to action is guide towards to the leads in order to turn them into conversion. So forgetting a call to action basically will make the leads into an one time buyer at most and not a loyal customer. In order to make an effective call to action, try to use gain-focused words such as get, view, see, discover and others. Besides that, limit the call to action in 3 to 7 words. Lastly, explain your call to action why does it worth the visitors time to take action.

9) DO: Give thanks to whom answer your call to action

After the visitors filled out the call to action, you need to thank them for filling out the call to action. Lead them to a thank you page or say you’ll be in touch with them with new information in order to make them feel they are appreciated as this is the first step in building a trustworthy relationship with the customers.

10) DON’T: Forget to test, test and test

There is always a room to improve when it comes to the landing pages. Sometimes, the thing works for another company which may not work for you. What may work for the first offer, but not always for the second and the coming offers. You’ll only know what kind of call to action colors works better for your visitors on landing page only if you test it out.

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