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4 Things You Should Stop Doing to Content

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4 Things You Should Stop Doing to Content

We see tons of tutorials and guides on how to build, rank, and perform better with our websites. On the other hand, there is so much misconduct, it can be easier for you to avoid doing some stuff about your online presence to get better results.

The best way to revitalize your content marketing is to delete the content parts that just aren’t working for your company. Below are the 4 choices which most of the marketer should know about to start creating content that your audience would enjoy.

1 ) Create Content that is Evergreen

So, What exactly is evergreen content? Evergreen content is content that is always relevant—much like the way evergreen trees retain their leaves all year round. Interesting and relevant content that does not become dated is necessary in order to be found online by search engines.

Evergreen content can help deliver traffic to your website and hold a valuable position in search engine rankings for months or even years from when it was first published.

This means that you shouldn’t just focus on viral topics. Yes, they can drive traffic to your business for a few days or slightly longer but then you are just back to the cycle of trying to get more viral topics.

Alternatively, the way to go is via evergreen content. It can actually drive the majority of the traffic to your overall business. For example, topics like this that are still useful and usable even after a long time.


Evergreen content will drive traffic for many years, while viral topics can only give you a brief boost in traffic, and ultimately die off.

2 ) Stop Planning, Start Doing

There is plenty of internet marketing and planning dropped on you every day. Many of the idea topics and ways for you to discuss and implement your business content. The problem is, are you taking your planning too seriously?

Yes you can say that planning is important for almost everything. But, many people take planning too seriously that they never get anything down to putting the useful stuff into action. Stop taking too much effort into planning and start doing it right away, this way you can actually know what’s actually working for you and improve it.

3 ) Mobile unfriendly

mobile friendly
Source Google

Nowadays, you are glued to your smartphone. You probably rely on it to respond to emails, keep track of the news and interact with friends on social media. Many marketers have been known about the importance of mobile optimization for years. Yet, a surprising number of businesses still publish content that isn’t mobile-friendly.

We all know this can affect the consumer experience. The majority of people now access the internet through their mobile devices so you risk a large portion of your target market when your content isn’t working on the mobile.

You’re not only annoying the viewers, but you’re also losing attention on the results pages. Mobile is a key factor in scored on your mobile by Google.

4 ) Duplicate Promotional Content

I know that some “boring niche” businesses find it very difficult to develop a marketing plan and deliver interesting content on a regular basis … but it’s not an excuse to publish anything-of-no-use to anyone. The level matters nothing, concentrating on the needs of the consumers, clients and followers. Want some inspiration? Take a look at those businesses that produce fantastic content on “boring” subjects.

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