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6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Google Algorithm Updates

6 ways to stay ahead of google algorithm updates

6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Google Algorithm Updates

Google’s algorithm is a system used to retrieve data from its search index and instantly deliver the best possible results for a query. The search engine uses a combination of algorithms and numerous ranking signals to deliver webpages ranked by relevance on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Now Google makes thousands of changes each year, and some of the updates are slightly and it can cause fluctuation in your rankings. So how do you stay ahead of Google Algorithm Updates?

1 ) Keep Your Website ‘Fresh’

Source ducttapemarketing

This one will affect visitors’ experience on your website. The digital world is constantly changing and evolving and so does your website. Web standards change every once in a while, customers’ preferences shift even faster.

Update your website constantly with new information or services will guarantee better user experience. Good user experience relies on good content. If you remember this, you’re less likely to be penalized in any future Google update.” 

2 ) Hyperlinks

So, if you still asking yourself what exactly is SEO, you can check out the detailed about it here. It basically all about increase conversion rate by driving traffic into your website, and links play an important role that can move people towards you.

Promote your site by linking internally within your site from sidebars, landing pages, and blog pages. This can help visitors navigate between your site easily, and this not only can help visitors but also helps to rank your site higher.

Besides that, external links are just as important as internal links. Those that you do business with before or relevant business, link to your website because of related content, information. These can greatly boost your ranking in Google.

3 ) Avoid Black Hat SEO

blackhat SEO

In the world of SEO, we have clear policies to follow. Don’t try to beat Google’s system with backdoor tricks just to boosts your website ranking. Ranking high requires keeping up with current updated SEO and constantly adjusting to suit the new Google algorithm.

Using techniques such as spam comments, duplicate contents, and paid links might get you penalized by algorithm system you are trying to beat.

4 ) Establish Your Identity

Quality content adds value to your audience. Google can tell the difference between a site that truly adds value, compared to a site that keeps duplicate and repeats the information. So it is suggested to increase your authority by keeping every aspect of your site relevant to its purpose to help improve your visibility after an algorithm update.

The folks at emarketeers.com said it best regarding good site content: “Google qualifies premium content as informative, engaging, relevant, authoritative and trustworthy.” So for the same reason that you want to post blog posts every once in a while to show Google that you are still alive, still going to keep up with that trend, and your site is going to continue living and growing.

5 ) Don’t be Tempted by High-volume Keywords

If the intent behind a high-volume keyword does not align with the identity you’re trying to manifest, creating content about it may send mixed messages about your brand.

Yes the benefits of it probably more people will see your ads. But your costs per click will be greater, results in higher costs, and your clicks will likely be less qualified. If the keywords sort of fits what you do, but it doesn’t really fit what you do at the same time, just don’t go for it.

6 ) Stay in tune with Google

Google rarely announces algorithm updates. If they did, they would be posting announcements all the time. Google has a strategy, and so should you. Their strategy will keep changing and what you need to do is becomes familiar with what Google expects on building high quality content for users. This way you can prevent some of the Google algorithm updates that will affect your website rankings.

As always I hope this post can help you stay ahead of Google algorithm updates. That being said, if you have any problems feel free to visit our site and Facebook page or call us at 04 – 608 3073. We provide the best solution and affordable pricing towards website design and more!