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Everybody wants to rank on Google but what does Google actually want?

Create content which is reasonable

Don’t try to write for Search Engines but instead write content that everyone can understand and relate to. You don’t need to sound smart and use strong words to impress Google, be yourself, be original which is what Google prefers.

Build an amazing content that is unique and content that will satisfy your target audience’s needs. You just don’t want to create a post which you will want to create a killer blog that is trendy back in 2018.

Google keeps on changing


Google keeps improving and upgrading its algorithms, they don’t change to make it harder for you to rank on Google, instead, they change to make it easier for you. What they want is to change how some marketers and SEO companies are trying to hack SEO and use illegal ways to rank higher.

We hear all the time keywords, meta names, tags, descriptions, etc. All these activities are fine and in their place, so what use is it if you don’t have the fundamentals right by producing good meaningful content that has the answers to the questions that your target audience poses? Google can change a lot of things but what they are not going to change is searching for content that’s important to consumers.

Become an authority

Build content for your audience, your audience will remain on your site much longer looking for answers to the questions they have, which will in effect decrease your bounce rate, minimize your bounce rate and encourage your customers to stay on your site for longer.

Thus, this will tell Google that you are an expert in your field and that you are an asset to your market. this way Google would rank you higher, because you are now a valuable person to internet, rather than simply making up the numbers.

Update constantly


If you have a blog or web site, with great material, you need to update it regularly. Some of the pages with the best content are updated daily. Commitment is to start a blog or website. While you can write a few posts, but later on just leave the work, you won’t get a lot of readers or new visitors. Not only that, but the Google search engines don’t like sites that aren’t updated regularly.

How much will you update your site or post?

This is up to you. Everyone has different goals and resources. But for the best results, you should update your site weekly. Since it is your website, and I’m pretty should you wouldn’t want to hide all the great content you have from your audience.


We relies on Google in this day and age, our first thought is “Google it” whenever we have something unfamiliar or don’t know about. But what really makes your contents visible to peoples is depends on yourself and your contents. Google keeps changing and work for their best to filter bad contents and recommend those content that’s important to consumers.

I hope this post can help you how to increase traffic to your website with some tips. That being said, if you have any problems feel free to visit our site and facebook page or call us at 04 – 608 3073. We provide the best solution and affordable pricing towards website design and more!