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How to Recycle Old Content to Increase Your Conversions

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How to Recycle Old Content to Increase Your Conversions

You are working hard, as a content marketer, to keep the business engine running. You actively curate ideas, construct interesting content and search for ways of promoting it. But sometimes, you just run out of ideas and especially if you blog a lot is how easy it is to neglect your old content.

Over time, your high-quality content continues to be posted, and clicked on, increasing the ranking of search engines and continue to generate traffic long after it was originally released. Nevertheless, this information need not be left to the search engines to discover. You can recycle your old content to increase exposure and ROI, without wasting extra hours on developing new content.

Why You Should Do It?

Recycle content has many benefits, such as:

  • Attract new audiences. Some users prefer text statistics to visual infographics. Some opt for podcasts over ebooks. Reformatting your content for various media means attracting more viewers and broadening your reach.
  • Don’t forget the treasure. We all have the book hanging from behind the bookshelf. It’s an old favorite and it is your treasure back in the time, it was fantastic. Before you come across that old gem, it could be months or even years. Recycling your content puts your old favorite up front and center, ensuring you never miss great content.
  • Making the most out of your treasure. Sometimes you are incredibly proud when you put a lot of work into a piece of material. Recycling content means that for round two, people who skipped your awesome content the first time around get a chance to see it. It’s a second shot at promoting content.

How to Recycle Old Content

First of all, all you need to do is find those old contents that are worth repurposing. In other words, content which is evergreen. Evergreen content has two major qualities, that are consistency and timelessness in terms of traffic.

1# Convert Old Content into New One

One of the easiest ways of recycling old content is to turn them into a new series. For example, by breaking down each item on the list, you can take a list article and turn it into a collection of individual pieces of material. It will allow you to add more specifics and background information for multiple keywords to each item. This is a good way to recycle your content because it also can let audiences to find out more about the good old ones.

2# Turn Them into Visuals


Graphics, especially infographics and videos, provide a great way to break down a data-heavy blog post into a visually-attractive and highly-shareable piece of material. Also, they are a great way to build high-quality ties. According to a new study, websites that frequently publish infographics have 16 percent more traffic compared to those that do not.

3# Add Call To Action (CTA) to Visuals

You already use visuals within your articles. Why don’t try to make them become a part of your conversion funnel? Images catch your attention, and adding a fast CTA does not hurt your visual appeal. Using visual and interactive content, you can try other alternative lead generation channels. Using it, you can convert any PDF file into a content that’s mobile-friendly, insert it into your content, and trigger a lead-gen feature to collect emails from those involved with your content.

4# Create a unique place for the blog posts

Creating a “famous posts” or “latest posts” tab or sidebar widget that lists some of your top-performing and new articles is another way to attract visitors into your archives. This will attract the attention of readers as they arrive at your site, drawing them deeper into your blog archives.

5# Content Syndication

Content syndication takes the content you have already published on your own site and publishes it on websites of third parties. This technique is useful because it is a perfect way of gaining access to the readers of other websites.

You may place a canonical link on the page with your article to avoid penalizing due to repetition, and make that tag point back to the original article on your site. It shows the search engines that you are the original publisher and the syndicated edition is just just a duplicate.


With these tips on recycling content, I hope that you can get the most out of your efforts in terms of content. Content recycling will offer marketers many benefits. Your time is important, and recycling content will optimize your efforts. Rather than spending long hours in the production of new content, content recycling helps you to return to your current content and magnify its accomplishments.

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