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How to use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Content

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How to use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Content

So what are Facebook ads? Let’s ask Facebook :

Here’s some info about Facebook ads:

  • Ads can appear in News Feed on desktop, News Feed on mobile and in the Right Column of Facebook on desktop.
  • Ad content is sometimes paired with news about social actions that your friends have taken, such as liking a Page.
  • Your friends might see news about the social actions that you have taken in Facebook ads. This news will only be shown to your confirmed friends and will adhere to applicable privacy settings that you’ve set for your account. If a photo is used, it’s your profile photo and not a photo from your photo albums.
  • Facebook doesn’t sell your info to advertisers.
  • Facebook actively enforces policies that help protect your experience with third-party apps and ad networks.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Advertising on Facebook is available to businesses in many formats. Ads may be as plain as they wish, or as complex. Regardless of the distance, the reach is wide: companies are able to advertise on Facebook every month to two billion people.

The method is easy. Facebook allows users to target audiences through self-serve software and provides them with analytics reports that monitor each ad’s output. The scope and exposure will help to level the playing field for a small company that wants to compete with much larger budgets companies.

Through Facebook’s Business Manager platform, businesses have a one-stop-shop for all their marketing and advertising needs. Additional resources like access to Instagram and product catalogs are part of the mix.

To fully conquer Facebook advertising requires perseverance and a deep understanding of how the platform works in all its dimensions. Lucky for you we have created the ultimate guide to get you started.

Why Do You Want to Use It?

So if you’ve gone through the trouble to build the content, you’re definitely going to want more people to see it. Try investing in the advertisement network on Facebook, where the average paying jump reaches 27.3% of total reach.

How to get started?

1# Facebook Pixel

First of all, you need to install Facebook pixel. Facebook pixel is a code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

It is good to that it on your website before doing any Facebook campaigns. By doing this you would be able to know what your Facebook ads are prompting people to do on your website. Or else, you wouldn’t be able to know-how is the ROI of your promotional content.

Besides that, It can help you create a custom audience of the people visiting your site on Facebook. This way you can know who clicked on your content or engaged with your call-to-action button.

2# Identify Marketing Objective

campaign objective

Pick your marketing objective before you start. Facebook uses that target to automate the campaign. For example, if you optimize for clicks, you can find people within your target audience in Facebook’s algorithm who prefer to click on links from the site.

Don’t make the task of bringing traffic to your site automatically. Does another target better match your promotional goals for content? For example, if you want to increase your reach on Facebook, pick engagement and pay to promote your organic top-performing posts because they will definitely be placed higher in your followers ‘news feeds.

3# Attracts with Visual Ads

Facebook makes native videos a priority. Native video is video content that is uploaded directly to (or created on) a social network and played in-feed on that platform. For example, native videos are posted directly to Facebook, rather than being shared from a third-party platform such as YouTube. Facebook found that native videos are of greater interest to users and that certain users regularly interact with them.

4# Create a Content Promotion Funnel

So, once you’ve promoted your content, what should they do next? Continue reading the promotion content? Purchase something?

For marketing, the funnel reflects the moves that your audience takes to switch from the visitors to the customers. More precisely, a content marketing funnel is a funnel that helps to convert traffic to customers through various content types.

Think like you would with a marketing funnel, and continue with the promotion of content. There are mainly three phases of a content promotion funnel.

  1. Top of the funnel (ToFu) – basically it all about attracts people using blog posts, promoting videos to increase awareness of your site and increase traffic.
  2. Middle of the funnel (MoFu) – Content such as ebooks and white papers are offered as lead magnets in this section of the funnel to people who visit your website from blog posts and other content sources. They sign up in return for free content as the leads. It works similarly to a landing page.
  3. Bottom of the funnel (BoFu) – This part is where you finally convert leads to customers. This is the toughest part of the funnel, because you need to get the leads to pay for your goods or services instead of encouraging people to consume free content. Here you’ll use email along with other content forms, such as case studies, webinars and posts that discuss your product requirements for closing sales.


While promotion is important and Facebook always updates constantly. These will affect how marketers market and need marketers to reevaluate how they market.

But the most important is keeping up the quality of your content. Your increased promotion of the blog leads to more traffic and interaction overall. That kind of engagement is a much better indicator of your performance in online marketing than Facebook achieves alone and nothing can take them away from you.

As always, if you have any problems, feel free to visit our site and our facebook page or call us at 04 – 608 3073. We provide the best solution and affordable pricing towards website design and more!