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How to use Infographics to Improve User Sharing and SEO?


How to use Infographics to Improve User Sharing and SEO?

So what exactly are infographics?

Infographics is basically a visual representation of information or data. It is one of the best ways to explain a complicated topic with ease, and also convey the message in a more interesting way.

Let’s see the example below:


You can know right away what is the topic about by just looking at the infographics right? That’s the awesome part about it.

Infographics use engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly to the peoples. This method is more effective because it can grab our attention and don’t let go, rather than just a few paragraphs.

When and Why Infographics is Used?

Like we talked about it, infographics are about making complex topics and information easy for peoples to digest. In fact, here is some of the way you can use them at:

  • Explain a process
  • Compare multiple options
  • Statistics
  • Timeline
  • Summarise a long report

When you are having a hard time in how to give a quick rundown on something, maybe it is the time to consider presenting your information visually.

If you still not sure how to use infographics. Let us use another blog as an example. Below is the sample example of infographics according to the blog.

infographics for email marketing

As you can see, the infographic just provides a quick review of the topic. It just stated the important points of the topic and give you a rough idea about it.

How infographics and SEO work together

From SEO point of view, infographics are still one of the most effective method of link building today.


Because when peoples are writing articles or blogs, and they quote your content. This can help generate a large number of backlinks as compared to other link building methods on the web. Here is why.

1# Infographics are sharable and linkable

When online marketers writing their own articles and blogs, they can create their own infographics and get good results, because an infographic can be shared easily after its initial publishing on a particular website.

2# Spread brand recognition

An infographic can talk about informative information about your brand, services with the visual content. Thus, it can be a marketing tool for a description of your business to peoples.

3# Promote your content

According to pixelo, visuals are generally easier to understand visuals than to read entire blocks of text. If fact, you can almost double the number of views that your webpage gets if you include visuals. Therefore, adding visuals elements to your content can help you to enhance your webpage and make your content more visible to others.


The best infographics use a combination of text, images, and data to inform and engage. It will definitely help a lot to your website using infographics instead of plain paragraphs.

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