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How Zoom can help you in remote working

How Zoom help you in remote working

How Zoom can help you in remote working

What is Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. This software allows users to meet online with or without video. The Zoom’s user also can do project collaboration, record the whole session and etc if he wants.

what is zoom
Products offered by Zoom

As you can see from the image above, Zoom offers a few kind of products, in today’s blog I will focus on “Meetings” because majority of their customers uses “Meetings”.

Why use Zoom

As you know, nowadays due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many companies are shutting down for social distancing to reduce the chances of suffer from the virus. Meetings will be cancel due to it, but with Zoom, you still can continue to have your meetings with ease. The Zoom video conferencing platform delivers a wide range of features to enhance your experience in video conferences. One of Zoom’s primary strengths is collaboration. Zoom allows users to share their desktop or specific application. But what makes Zoom outstanding is its host of collaborative functions, like remote control, annotation, and even Airplay support.

Benefits of Zoom

1. Create recurring meetings with saved settings and same URL

For monthly check-ins, weekly meetings and other regularly-scheduled calls, Zoom allows you to create a recurring meeting. There are few advantage in using these settings.

First, it allows you to remember all the call settings you want once and have them be in place every time you conduct your meetings.

Next, recurring calls use the same join URL each time, therefore you never have to send a fresh one to the audiences.

In addition, there’s an option called No Fixed Time. This option allows you to use the same settings and meetings ID over and over with the same group, no matter when you get together. Normally this option is used if you meet with the same group regularly but not on a regular schedule and is popular with educational groups who use Zoom as their virtual classroom.

2. Record the call as a video

Zoom enables you record your web conferencing calls as videos, which is a useful feature for sharing the meeting with people who may have missed it or for reviewing what was said.

If you want to record the call, you will need to choose either save to local or save to cloud. Save to local means the video will be stored in your computer which is available to you only. Storing to cloud is a feature which is only available to paid users only, it stores the video on the cloud.

You can also set to record only audio and video of host where some calls might be broadcast-style and only host appears on screen.

3. See who attended

Probably you are using Zoom for university lecturer or hold a press conference, you might want to know who attended. You are able to get that information from a report after the meeting.

The attendee list for all meetings lives in the Zoom Meetings tab in the Reports section. You’ll see a list of both previous and upcoming meetings, which you can filter by time range or meeting ID.

4. Collect information from attendees

In addition to getting an attendance sheet, you can also gather information from meeting attendees about themselves before they join the call. For example, you might want to require that attendees provide their name, company affiliation, or industry.

You will need to require Registration, an option found in the My Meetings tab of the Zoom web app. Then, you can set up a form that attendees must fill out before they can join the meeting.

5. Have a collaborative session

Screen sharing allows the host of a call to display whatever’s on their screen to everyone else on the call. Annotation tools let all the meeting participants draw and highlight what’s on screen, which can be very helpful when discussing visual materials.

To annotate while viewing someone else’s shared screen, select View Option from the top of the Zoom window, and then choose Annotate. A toolbar appears with all your options for annotating, including text, draw, arrow, and so forth. The presenter can use the save button on the toolbar to capture the complete image with annotations as a screenshot. You can also disable attendee annotation altogether.


Zoom is a very excellent video conferencing tool to help you to conduct video conferencing online with ease. Even people without any technical knowledge can easily operates it. It is also suitable for small businesses and large businesses due to its pricing and features. If you are looking to establish a online video conferencing, take a look at our website and Facebook or call us at 04 – 608 3073. Our team is able to provide you with a professional website and video conferencing tool to aid you in you business!