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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Digital Marketing, Services

Ever wondered why certain websites appear on the top of search results when people search for certain services or products online? It’s because aside from engaging SEO services, they also advertise on search engines. When they advertise on search engines, like when they advertise on Google, the Top 3 results usually are ads. Since people only look on the first page on search results, advertising on search engines using Search Engine Marketing assures you that you appear on top on relevant searches thus increasing the possibility of online searchers to buy your product or service, download your apps or signup for your promos. SEM is a sure-fire way to ensure that people see you online!

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the digital marketing techniques being widely used to advertise digitally a business through paid advertisements. Paid ads usually appear on the top 3 or bottom 3 on search engine results pages (SERPs). Utilizing SEM to advertise usually entails bidding on keywords that online searchers using Google, Yahoo or Bing might enter when looking for products, tools, services, and whatnots online. This gives equal opportunity for online ads to appear together with the results for search queries.

SEM ads, which more often than not are broadly known as pay-per-click ads, come in a variety of formats.

Search engine marketing offers website and business owners’ digital advertising flexibility and equal opportunity to put online ads in front of engaged customers who are ready to make a purchase. Search engine marketing is a powerful and efficient digital marketing tool to grow your business!