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Backlink are links from a website to a page that are on another website. Search engine Optimization (SEO) in simple terms which are relevancy (keyword) and popularity (link). In popularity means that how popular are your website is and then which means that how many backlinks you have. Google and other majority of search engine considered backlink as a “vote” for specific page.

How backlink can help your website?

As we told, a backlink is a “vote” from other website. Each of the backlink votes tell that your webpage or website has been useful, credible and valuable. Which means that if your webpage or website has higher backlink, your website will rank higher in Google and other search engines. This will boost your sales for your website as well because when your website rank in Google is high enough, the leads will be increasing as well as they will be easier to find your website. Even your website is not sales oriented, it will help you to increase the visitor. However there are two type of backlinks, while one will present your website to be more valuable than the others.

No-follow link

A no-follow link is the type of backlink which tell search engine to ignore a link. So they don’t pass any value from one site to another. In another words, they won’t be helpful in improving your search rank or visibility.

No-follow link

Do-follow link

A do-follow link is the type of backlink which truly provide you a proper “vote” for your website. there are serveral characteristics that a do-follow link have:

1) They all come from a trustworthy websites

For examples, would you preferably get a backlink from an acknowledge proper website such as Google or a nobody’s website which is not known of it’s origin or background? Definitely from Google right? Well, most of us feel the same including Google.

This concept is also known as “Domain Authority” which mean if a website has more authority, then the more authority which it can pass to your website though a link.

2) The website that link to you are related to your website

When your website are linked by another website both of it must be related in some ways. For example, your website is about selling a beauty product, naturally Google will be more emphasize on the website such as digital marketing, cosmetic products and so on.

Strong Backlink

3) The link is from a domain that never linked to you before

If a website linked to your website first time is good enough. However if the website linked to your website several time the effect will be diminishing. So, usually will be better to links from different websites rather one website link to your website again and again.

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