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If you are currently running a eCommerce platform or planning to, you might come across this tool “Google Analytics”. Some of you might already know what this is but some others have no idea what is this tool. Today I’ll talk about what is Google Analytics and how it benefits your website.

Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool which is provided by Google, it is a tool to see where your visitors come from. To be frank, it’s a tracking tool from Google which can help you in increasing the performance of your site. Google Analytics can track user’s data such as their age, where are they from, what kind of devices does they used to view your page and etc. Running a eCommerce website without Google Analytics is like driving at a foreign place with you are totally not familiar without GPS  you have no idea where are you going. You will ended up keep on circling on the same spot without any improvements.

How Google Analytics can help your business?

Alright, done for the introduction of Google Analytics, now let’s see what how it can benefits your company.

1. Your website’s first impression to visitors

As I mentioned before, Google Analytics allow you to track your user’s data. It allows you to track how long did they stay on your page. Did they stay on your page for a longer time after visiting? Or did they straight away bounce off after landing on your page. Therefore, with the aid of Google Analytics, you can check which of your website’s page has the highest bounce off rate and you can optimize it.

2. Know your visitor’s geographical location

If you know where your customers come from, you can make some business campaign according to their geographical location. In other hand, Google Analytics also can help you to determine potential locations which have chances to grow so that you can make a unique business campaign to these new areas.

3. Market Segmentation

With the aid of Google Analytics, you are able to divide your customers into different segments. Is there any benefits to do so? Yes, by dividing your customers into different segments, you will have the ability to set up campaigns according to different segments of customers to fit everyone’s taste.

4. Determine the best keyword for your website

In search engines, they match results with keywords. As a result, keywords play an important role in getting traffics or attracts customers to your site. Google Analytics can assist you in determining which keyword attracts the most customers to your website. For example, if you are selling Tea as your product, the keyword “tea” might be quite hard to get your website being ranked in Google’s Search Result Page. But “buy tea online” will be more specific to your website’s main goal and thus helping your website to get a better ranking.

5. Learn more about your competitors

Google Analytics offers a feature which allow you to see your competitors traffic compared to yours. If your competitors are doing better than you, you can have a look at what they have done, adapt their ideas and turn it into something which is suitable for your website. If your competitors are not performing well, avoid what they had done in their website to ensure the performance of your website.

6. Target the most suitable social media for your website to conduct a campaign

As we all know, social media campaign cost a great amount of money. Nobody wants to invest in something which do not have any return right? In this case, Google Analytics is able to determine in which social media sites, your website has the most traffic from it. For instance, you have a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page for your website. Facebook generates more click-rate to your website compared to Twitter. As a result, you will consider making a campaign in Facebook compared to Twitter right. Because you do not want to invest such a amount of money in making campaign in Twitter and get less return. Therefore, Google Analytics can help you in deciding which social media is the best for you to conduct a campaign.

7. Discover what to offer next

After browsing through all the information generated from Google Analytics, you should be able to know what your customer likes. Thus, you will be able to create products which are potentially accepted by your customers. As a result, you can earn more money by doing so.


Google Analytics is a very useful tool for you to monitor your website’s performance. It allows you to know the information of your customers, learn more about your competitors, discovering potential keywords and more. By using Google Analytics, you are able to save up a lot of time and invest in the correct social media for campaign. If you haven’t implement Google Analytics or you are planning to do so. Please, do so it will benefit you much, if you are able to optimize your website after getting information from Google Analytics. You will be able to earn a lot of profits from it.

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