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So, what is landing page? Landing page is a standalone web page, it is designed specifically for marketing and advertising your products and services. Unlike website which have multiple goals that you want to achieve with it, landing page only designed with a single goal that you want to achieve with your business. Here you can see our example for website and landing page.

If you ask me do i need a website for my landing page. I would say that website is not really needed for landing page. Landing page can be a standalone web page that used for one objective. But if u ask do i need a landing page for my website. I would say that it is a yes.

Landing Page vs Website

Your website is basically a business website that introduce and explain what your business is, what products and services your business serve. It is a set of interconnected pages with details about your business. The purpose of website is to explain your organization and convince website visitors that they should become customers of the service company.

While landing page is designed to focused on describing a single offer, encourage the visitors to engage with the offer. It spotlight essential elements that focused on conversion and usually did not have any links or navigations that prompt the website visitors to other pages.

This focus is what makes landing pages the better option for increasing the conversion rate of your business compared to website, also known as call to action (CTA). What is it? it is a marketing terms used for advertising, selling and designed to provoke an immediate response.

Why is it?

Let’s use landing page to compare with homepage.

landing page v website(2)

As you can see, homepage got several links and information that can acts as potential distraction that could potentially carry the visitors away from the call to action.

While having fewer links on landing page can increase the conversion rate because it make your goal super focused, whether you want visitors to subscribe to your email list, or promote a single offer. Everything about it works hard to make the visitors into customers.

Sure, maybe you will say that website looks much more informative, amazing than landing page. It shows peoples what your business is, what your business serves, and detailed information about the company etc. From here, visitors can read the blogs, understand more about your company.

But the most important is they won’t necessarily make a purchase. If you can’t make transactions out of it, it is pointless no matter how good is your products and services.

But the landing page serve a completely different purpose. Its whole design is simple and with clear purpose. its only purpose is to explain the benefits of a promoted offer and encourage website visitors to convert into leads.

After the visitors filled the form, then they’re able to make a purchase or handing over contact information in exchange for a discount or useful piece of content like eBook.


There is no doubt that we are living in an information age. Where we are heavily relied on information and digitally connected world. So grow your business with a digital marketing campaign is not a bad investment.

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