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What is ASO?

ASO ( App Store Optimization ) is similar to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) but it is used to increase the rank over apps store while SEO is used for website. The popular one are such as Google Play & App Store. In fact you can find the detailed information about SEO here if you didn’t know what is SEO exactly.


Basically ASO is a process of optimizing and maximizing the visibility of your app in the app stores when users search or browse through the app stores. It optimize the ranks of your app higher thus increase the visibility to more potential customers. The more the visibility tends to correspond to the more traffic that you will get in your app within the app stores.

The process when using ASO is also important for you to have a crucial understanding on what your customers want, and what keywords they will search when finding similar products or services provided by your business.

Why is ASO so important?

available apps

So today we will focus on some of the most popular app stores out there. According to appradar, more than 5 millions apps are available to download from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So you will likely to be facing a hard competition if you didn’t use ASO to optimize the ranking of your app. Users will have a hard time to even search & found your app in the app stores.

When you develop an app and wish to be visited and downloaded by users. The first thing is how you gonna let them found you right? But then how you gonna do it?

What are the mechanics for ASO?

Below are a few important elements you need to consider when using ASO to optimize your app :

1# Keywords

Know what keywords your competitors are using. It is important to research first before you start using any keywords. Usually it is better to target the keywords that have high traffic and low difficulty.

But for starting business where your brand recognition value is still low, it is better to go for lower traffic and low difficulty. Because this way you can rank higher with lower traffic, and not being invisible with the popular search.

2# App Title


App title plays an important role because that is how user find your app using keyword. Usually the app title is the first expression the user have on your app. So, always make sure your title look simple and natural.

Avoid using unnatural keyword as app name. It should have high recognition value so that users can easily remember the name.

3# App Icon

App icon also play an important role because usually when user found your app, icon is often the first thing people will notice. If your brand is new and have low number of reviews or downloads. Including your company logo alone in your app icon definitely won’t help much.


Because your brand is still unheard of and many peoples will hesitate whether the app is legit or not. It is better to use a graphical icon that correspond to your business and have your company logo in the corner to help people recognize you. For example, having a car icon when you are doing business related to car rental, or customised simple logo that will blend well with your business.

4# App Description

Simple and short. It is for humans to read it, so the description should only tell user about the informative information about your app, without repeating stuff, long, and confusing.

Important Notes

  1. Keep in mind that ASO is like SEO so it takes time and you need to constantly monitoring and testing your keywords to rank well.
  2. You can’t directly control the factors such as numbers of install, ratings and reviews. It is affected by the users.
  3. Use localisation. So why limit yourself by not speaking their language when you want to reach out as many customers as you like.


According to the statistics, the usage of mobile seems to keep on increasing rapidly. More and more people are surfing online through mobile devices, thus the mobile search have surpassed the desktop search as the desktop search only experienced a small amount of growth. That’s why if you want to be success with your mobile business, it’s important for you to use ASO and create some mobile user friendly apps. Last but not least, if you are looking to create a website or eCommerce platform but you have no idea how to do, call us at 04 – 608 3073 or visit our website and facebook page for more info!